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Albert Bouchard
I liked mostly, but didn't like the push on apple products
Comment from : Albert Bouchard

Monica Vaesa
Imagine being this guys son...

Friend:what job does your dad have

Ohh yeah he makes orange screws

Comment from : Monica Vaesa

yuvany parra
Como cellama el ceneror
Comment from : yuvany parra

UnEqual Reality
so your phone needs to be on your person at all times or you can forget about getting back in from taking out the trash. woops.
Comment from : UnEqual Reality

item 4 delta lighter that one looks good
Comment from : PMR

Dose of Purr
moneysurecanbuyhappiness.com/ here they got some cool stuffs
Comment from : Dose of Purr

Patrick McCulloch
too much Apple products not enough Android gadgets
Comment from : Patrick McCulloch

Brent Pilcher
August lock: while outside runs out of power and gets robbed
Comment from : Brent Pilcher

que asca que las parejas de ahora en lugar de tener hijos, tengan perrijos.
Comment from : AF GS

gives a new meaning to the saying "you're screwed" .
Comment from : FORS4TAN

video needs to be at least 1080p
Comment from : R MCK

Michael Mancano
GadgetsRUS.org UNIQUE GADGETS FOR EVERY FAMILY MEMBER: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTg5BiAZKdU
Comment from : Michael Mancano

iPhone users 👎🏿
Comment from : Robbie_L_B

Pegg Electronics
Comment from : Pegg Electronics

johnny henderson
Comment from : johnny henderson

Comment from : GadgetGeeks

lazy coconut
These gadgets suck shitty as channel
Comment from : lazy coconut

jake rhind
what shit gadgets
Comment from : jake rhind

J Ray
Wow that popular and just copies vids
Comment from : J Ray

Daddy Trump
1:45 if you look closely their is another screw design. Wtf
Comment from : Daddy Trump

The Small Guy
I have a delta stormproof lighter, had it for quite a few years and it really works well, even in strong winds... but i’ve reached the lifetime of the ignition... it doesn’t light anymore... but one tough lighter nonetheless
Comment from : The Small Guy

Rodrigo 134
Comment from : Rodrigo 134

Admin Stevens
youtu.be/9EQOFuoNliw 🙂😘🥰😍
Comment from : Admin Stevens

creator Space
We made it well.

Comment from : creator Space

We Love Games
Maybe don't include iphone focused products
Comment from : We Love Games

Admin Stevens
youtu.be/YAdnP8mPwqc 🥰🥰🥰
Comment from : Admin Stevens

Console MonsterX
"So precise, that they can tell the difference between a family pet, and an intruder" LOL. Well I would hope so.
Comment from : Console MonsterX

Jack Black
August smart also lets access for anyone on the internet
Comment from : Jack Black

Jack Black
we were able to send ET home in the 1950's and this is the best that is available? i wonder how much suppressed technology is out there that the world leaders don't want to reveil
Comment from : Jack Black

Very useful gadgets. Nice video, congrats!
Comment from : GadgetoLand

There are many very useful gadgets. By the way very good video!
Comment from : AEROFARO

Gadgets And More!
Very nice! Got some of them also on my channel
Comment from : Gadgets And More!

Cesar Paredes
Hi bro. I am. Starting with similar videos but i am amateur in this. So i would like some recomendation Please.
Thanks bro

Comment from : Cesar Paredes

Tolik L.
What are all the cell phone zombies going to do , when the shit doesn't work ? The government can shut it off anytime it wants to . just sayin
Comment from : Tolik L.

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Comment from : Hubert

lee g cooper
Hello like your videos hope I get gadgets
Comment from : lee g cooper

Xutody Reviews
Awesome Gadgets! Especially the orange screw. 👍
Comment from : Xutody Reviews

Johnny Lopez
Number 3. Smart door locker is hackable
Comment from : Johnny Lopez

Amou !
Thanks verry verry good
Comment from : Amou !

SiriUs Kepler
Amazing Gadgets. Nice Video
Comment from : SiriUs Kepler

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